Sunday, November 21, 2010

What I shopped this weekend

Gap- Charcoal off the shoulder tunic sweater
Gap- V neck taupe sweater
Gap- red plaid scarf
MAC Tartan Tale- Cool Thrillseekers pigment set
Jumbo Cotton balls
Neutrogena oil free makeup wipes
Herbal Essences totally twisted gel
2 red and gold vintage bracelets
Bath and Body Works- 3 mini holiday hand sanitizers
Bath and Body Works- Vanilla Bean Noel Body Cream


The holiday season its the holiday season!

This Saturday we went to a tree lighting event. There was live music, a children's Christmas choir, food, fireworks, shopping, and a ton of people. It took us almost an hour to find parking but it was so worth it. It was a lovely evening and a great way to kick start all the holiday festivities to come.

STARBUCKS Peppermint White Chocolate Latte

This is drink number 3 for project 10 cups. I get so excited for starbucks holiday drinks. but who doesn't? right?! ah I feel like its such a treat to drink one of these. I love the warmth of the cup and how it feels in my hand and the sweet taste that lingers once you take a sip. ah prefection! Little things like this make me very very happy.



My mom, cousin and I took a day trip to San Antonio Texas. We went specifically to go to Lush. After we bought our lush stuff we decided to walk the mall, we shopped at a Christmas store, checked out what forever 21 had to offer and then got some Starbucks. After all that we worked up quit an appetite and seeing that we were in San Antonio we had to eat some mexican food. We drove over to Mi Tierra Mexican Restaurant and filled our bellies. The restaurant was stunning, everything was so vibrant and christmas decorations were all around. Live mariachis walked around the tables and sang and played their guitars as people sat and enjoyed their food. The ambiance was great, the service was fast, and the food was delicious. After lunch we bought some of the mexican sweet bread sold in the bakery. It didn't disappoint. If anyone is ever in San Antonio this is place is definitelyy worth checking out. 


ohhh how I love lush! I can't stop obsessing. Once again I made my way down to my closest lush. Which unfortunately is an hour away but GOOD NEWS! a lush store is opening in my city in January!..YES YES YES!!! I'm anxiously waiting for that but in the mean time I had to go get my hands on some of the holiday items. Last year I went a bit crazy and bought much more then I could actually use. I still have a whole drawer and three jars filled with last years holiday goodies. So when I went this time I knew exactly what I was going to get and the only thing I repurchased from my last years picks is snow fairy of course. Everything else I've never used before so I'm very happy I have them. I'll be doing a seperate review on the skincare products. But heres what I got!

Snow fairy shower gel
Iced Wine shower jelly
Coalface Cleanser
Tea tree water toner
Angels Delight-Isn't this the prettiest soap you've ever seen?!
Snowcake Soap-I'm using this now and I'm in love.

Friday, November 5, 2010

A Tartan Tale

Mac Holiday Collection 2010: A Tartan Tale

Initially I did not care for the Tartan print. To be quite honest I hated it and did not plan on buying anything. Until I actually dropped by the MAC counter and saw it in person. It was love at first site. Well, that's a large bit of an exaggeration but I really did start to like it. I looked at the collection, went home, got online, and did some research. Of course I went straight to Temptalia. (click to go to the website) So I spent an almost embarrassing amount of time reading up on everything. I wrote down my favorites and a couple of days later I was at MAC. I decided on these two items. I felt these were my must haves items. and I'm happy to say I chose wisely. As many of you know it is so easy to get overwhelmed at these large collections. Well here they are. :)

Vain and Glorious Lip bag: I spent quit a while deciding between the two lips bags. I finally decided on this one, mostly because of baby sparks dazzleglass. I've read and heard a lot about this color, and for some reason I never bought it. Also the lipstick that comes in this set seemed to be a better choice for everyday use. The other lipstick in the other set was a bit to dark and although it is a gorgeous color, I already have a good amount of darker colors. Mellow Mood Lipstick is a color I would get the most use out of. So I'm very pleased with this purchase.

Radiant Jewels Dazzleglass Creme: I absolutely love Radiant Jewels Dazzleglass Creme. It is a gorgeous color, and very pigmented. I naturally have pretty pigmented lips so a lot of the time I have trouble with colors showing up properly. This one is an exception. It lasting power gets an A in my book. The name suites it so well. I adore this and recommend it to anyone. But hurry run out and get this before it runs out. I got lucky and bought the last one at my counter.

I miiiiight go back for a couple more items. But if I decide to be good and don't go back for more. I'm happy to say I adore the things I bought. Write to you soon! xoxo