Friday, September 23, 2011

a glimpse into my week

LOVE LOVE LOVE this necklace I feel like I actually wear it too much! It's from Nordstrom BP. They have beautiful statement necklaces and I want, no not want, I NEED more.
(ignore my brows. threading appointment soon)
My first Butter London Polishes! Ultas Tuesday deal was buy one get one free. Made my week!
OPI Lucerne-tainly look marvelous. Seriously a gorgeous color! I wore it all week and it's even more complex and interesting in person. It has teeny tiny green, silver and pink shimmers. All week and all day I found myself staring at my nails. I kid you not! OBSESSED.
 My brothers cookie cake! He turned 17 on Thursday! I swear I feel like I was 17 just the other day! how the heck is he 17 now, how is this happening so fast! blows my mind. lol Anyway his birthday is beginning of the celebrations and holidays for the rest of the year! September: his birthday & the first days of fall. October: My youngest brothers birthday & Halloween. November: My birthday & Thanksgiving. December: Semester ends & Christmas. January: New Years. AHH LOVE this time of year!!  LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!
I LOVE where I live. Even though I drive by this almost every single day I still find myself oohing and awing at how beautiful it is. It never gets old and even though I've lived here all my life I still appreciate this city more and more everyday.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Missoni for Target

A few things I bought from the collection

My shopping experience at Target was cool, calm, and collected but only because I went too late in the day. (1:00 p.m.) While I was there I heard several women asking for the collection, only to be pointed to empty racks and shelves. People who went early in the morning wiped em all out. Luckily I got everything I planned on buying. Other then what I got, I was really only interested in the home decor and kitchenware. I didn't even have the option to decide whether or not I would buy other things since it was ALL gone.

I don't think any one could have predicted the madness on that day. I feel since the line was so highly promoted and advertised that everyone, even people who don't normally follow fashion wanted a piece of some zig-zag. In the past, designer collaborations have really never received the same response. After the success of this collection, I hope this prompts even more amazing designers to jump on, well, beg for the chance to collaborate with Target. It's big business! Anyway I had a fun time anticipating the collection and it was a fun little way to liven up my week!