Sunday, June 26, 2011

pitched a tent under the stars

     A week of roughing it out in the wilderness can surprisingly prove to be quite relaxing. Evey summer my family and extended family always plan a camping trip. This year there were 22 of us in total. I have been going camping every summer since I was 8. We always have the best time and this year was no different.     
   The birds chirping in the morning was a nice wake up call, as opposed to the annoying iPhone alarm clock tune. We hiked down to the bank and stayed in the water all afternoon. The sun was beaming bright, so boy did we lather up on sunscreen. I have a good summer color going now. Sweet! Also, I didn't wear any make up while camping so that was a nice break for my skin. 
      In the evenings we sat around the table, played card games and talked up a storm. Speaking of storms! On the third night we experienced the most terrifying thunderstorm. I'm talking light up the sky, vibrating the ground, roaring thunder for 10 seconds at a time kinda storm. I was a wreck and the fact that our tent was under a tree did not help in calming my nerves. What an experience. On the last night we made s'mores and roasted corn. After all, what kind of camping trip would it be without that!
     Anyway, I'm happy to be home and excited to catch up on YouTube videos and blog posts. Write to you soon. xoxo