Sunday, August 12, 2012


       Hi there! I know I haven't blogged in a while, but recently I've come across some new blogs that have inspired me to get my fingers moving across this keyboard again! 
      So this topic will probably come as a surprise to those of you who know, how little I know about hair. My hair styling skills are limited to say the least. At age ten I knew I was doomed from the start, when it took me two weeks to learn how to form a standard braid. And to this day that is as technical as I'll get. Okay, Fiiiiine to give myself a little credit, I have somehow managed to learn how to use a curling iron (a three week learning process, that I still can't get right) Never mind me trying to do a fishtail braid, that story ended with about seventy-three knots in my hair. Too be honest I've never given a rats hat about hair. So because of that, I have stuck with the same color and cut for years. 
      Recently a bit of spontaneity has struck and I have decided that in my very near future I'm going to dye my hair. Now I know what some of you are thinking, okay? woopty doo! what's the big deal. Well lemme tell ya! I still have what many would call 'virgin hair'. I know close to nothing about coloring, bleaching, toners, highlighting, developer? (This is just some of the terminology I've heard being tossed around while watching the random hair video) I've just always been put off by the maintenance that colored hair requires. More upkeep? not interested! Since my hair is thick, coarse, curly and dry it's already a pain in the butt to deal with. But suddenly I've felt like I need something to give this black hair some depth, some life! So the time has come ladies and gents (not that there are any men reading this) that I get a bit adventurous with these locks. 
     I can go one of two routes with this. Either I go to a professional (the smart/obvious option) or attempt to color it myself (the stupid option, knowing my history) and save some dolla dolla bills. So here's the game plan! I want Ombre!! Yes I want to join THAT club! Currently my hair is at mid-waist length, so I'll try to keep the length as long as possible but have it trimmed and shaped up with layers. Then, I'll bring in this photo as seen above!
It's subtle, yet noticeable! Looks more highlighted as it goes down rather then a stark contrast from dark to light. The hair near her roots seems to be close in color to mine so I think this is the perfect picture for me to base my hair off of. It took quit some time to find a picture where the ombre isn't blonde. Not that I don't like how that looks, I just think it would be to harsh of a contrast on me. Okay now that I've hyped this up for myself,  I better get it done sooner rather then later before I change my mind! And if all fails I can just chop the ends off, quick fix!

 If you have any tips or thoughts let me know! and who is this in the picture anyway?? 

thanks for reading!