Tuesday, July 26, 2011


A peak into our weekend trip to Houston, Texas
A bit of the skyline
Reading on the way over to Houston
The Galleria=Heaven. Tons of designer stores in there. I of course could only admire the designer shops from afar. But I did get a couple of basics at Zara. It was actually my first time shopping there and it is now my favorite store!! I need to save up my $$$$$ so next time I can get more!
Dylan's Candy Bar inside the Galleria. This baby version of the store will do until I get to go to the main store in NYC!
Bought some sweets to take home to my brothers. How cute is this bag?!?!
Driving through the Bel Air neighborhood of Houston. I'll take this house!!
Mongolian beef, chicken & shrimp
After lunch we came to House of Pies. When my dad lived in Houston during half of his college years. He and his friends would go to house of pies all the time. Brings back good memories for him.
and this pie brings back good memories for me! THE BEST PIE EVER EVER EVER! Great recommendation dad :)

Next trip: Santa Fe, New Mexico!
We leave tomorrow at 6 a.m. and I have NOTHING packed. Since we will be gone a little over a week, I need to decide what clothes, shoes and jewelery to bring. If you are anything like me this wont be an easy task.

Monday, July 18, 2011

My Mini Vaycay!

A look into my getaway trip to San Antonio, Texas.
Although I've been to San Antonio more times then I can count. I've never really done much more than visiting The Alamo and strolling along The Riverwalk. But this time we made it a point to find new things to do. After this trip I got to see San Antonio in a new light and was pleased to find out how much more the city has to offer.
Our hotel was located right along The San Antonio Riverwalk, Which is where we spent the first whole day. Even though I've been here before I always love going. So we walked, shopped, had lunch at one of the many restaurants along the river, walked some more, sat, shopped and did I mention we walked? At night we people watched and enjoyed a delicious cheesecake and cherry ice cream cone. After an exhausting day in the hot Texas heat (101 degrees, sheesh!) we walked back to our hotel room and slept like babies. ZzzzZzzZZzz
The next day we went to a museum which may not sound like a fun time to everyone but it's something my family likes to do especially when we are in a different city. I've always enjoyed going so I didn't mind one bit. After that we had lunch here at The Gunether House Restaurant. Which is located in a picturesque victorian neighborhood. The area is also one of the oldest historical districts in Texas. (Pictures of the homes are coming up in the next blog post. The homes are too stunning NOT to post.)
The restaurant room reflects the Art Nouveau style of the 1920's in their use of stained glass ivy window panels and structural and decorative elements.  
The beautiful flowers on our table.
My lunch a simple but tasty club sandwich with a side of seasonal fresh fruit.
I was taking a short nap in the hotel room and woke up to a pink box filled with these sweet treats. My dad's friend's wife just opened up a bakery in SA and sent us some goodies to try out. They wanted us to critique the desserts for them to see if they needed improvement. And of course I was up for the task and MORE then happy to do so. The box did get banged up on its way over to us but who cares, holy heck they were AMAZING!
I mean just look at this close up! like Rachel Ray like to says, YUMMOOOOO
 On our last day in SA we spent all day shopping. For dinner we went to La Fogata Mexican Restaurant. The setting and the ambiance was so lively and relaxed. Here I snapped a photo of the Mariachis waiting to perform as we were waiting to be seated. We were seated at a table outside underneath the patio that was shaded by trees. Lights strung from all across the room which gave the area a nice glow. Shortly after we got our food the mariachis began to play. It was the perfect way to end our trip in San Antonio.
So that was a shortened look at my mini vacation. Proves that you don't have to go miles and miles away from home to have a fun, leisurely and exciting trip. Now, I'd like to conclude with a fun fact of the day-- Tortilla chips are my weakness.