Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nails of the Night!

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark & Deborah Lippmann Today Was A Fairytale

After weeks and weeks of wearing opaque coats of glitter polish, I still can't get myself to put it away! So I thought a touch of glitter on one nail is just the right amount for a night out. This Deborah Lippman polish in today was a fairytale  is a new addition to my collection! I wore it on New Years Eve on all 10 and absolutely loved it. It is surprisingly very easy to apply. I swipe the brush over my nail and the tiny glitter disperses evenly. The chunky hexagonal shaped glitter does take a little placement work but it is not at all time consuming. It literally takes seconds! The glitter is suspended in a clear polish, which makes it perfect to apply as a layer over another color. The glitter dries flat onto the nails and you aren't left with a gritty feeling once it has dried. I definitely want to get another deb lipp polish in the near future!

Now OPI Lincoln Park After Dark is probably the first nail polish I heard about when I first started watching YouTube videos back in 2008. It seems to be a nail color that everyone has in there collection as a staple, need to have polish. Don't ask me why I took me so long to get it but I'm so glad I finally did! The color is nearly black on the nails but has a deep purple hue to it. I was eating blackberries the other day when I had this polish on and I noticed it is a dead on match. The color is the most opaque polish I own which makes it easy as pie to apply. ha! look at me rhyming. When I have this color on I feel sorta like a badass chick! ;) It's a modern yet chic color. For some reason I feel like I'm channeling Kourtney Kardashian when I have it on,

Hope your all having a nice weekend!
Happy Saturday!

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