Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Love me some Tom Ford!

This Sunday I spent the evening at Barnes and Noble. I sat in the magazine section and happened to spot a plush broken-in sofa seat. SCORE! For a couple of hours I sat there with my coffee and flipped through several magazines. I repeatedly kept coming across articles about Tom Ford. I especially enjoyed the article in Harper's Bazaar Australia. This handsome man is a visionary and can do no wrong in my eyes. After reading the articles and having watched his documentary a few weeks back I have become quite captivated by him. He is just as charming in print as he comes across in the documentary. I feel like everything he says is GOLD. Fun fact! I recently read he is a native Texan and was born in the same city as I was. He was also raised in one of my all time favorite place to visit, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Gah even more reasons to love him! hell yeahhhhh I have something in common with Tom Ford! haha, kidding. but not really ;) Anyway once I got home I did what I do best, went straight to my laptop and read and watched reviews on Tom Ford make up. Just for kicks I even had a bit of fun adding the items to my cart. You don't even want to know the total! Time to start counting pennies! I have compiled a short list of things I am DYING to have! 
1. Sable Smoke Lip Color
2. Cognac Sable Eye Color Quad (pictured above)
3. Flush Cheek Color
Until the day comes that I temporarily lose my mind and save enough to swipe the plastic for these pricey pieces of luxury, I'll just have to marvel at the beautifully rich, striking ads. By the way I love how he allows for the products to take center stage and enlarges them to cover the whole page. Plus the fact that he appears in his own ads just seals the deal!

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