Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Neon Love

NEON & PINK?? what has gotten into me?!
 I seem to be completely embracing the neon trend this season. Well not completely, but I must say it has been quite refreshing to pair these accessories with my typically very simple outfits. I am now a full believer that a small dose of neon can seriously brighten your day. For weeks now I've had this little "arm party" going on and I am loving it! I've also been painting my nails hot pink. Yeahhhh...not the color you would usually see on my nails, but then again it just feels so right at the moment.

Neon Yellow Bracelet-Forever21 . Kate Spade Neon Pink Wallet . OPI Don't Know Beets Me


  1. Pretty! I also love the whole neon thing going on, it's such a bright spring this year :)

    1. It is isn't it! :) When I first started seeing it I wasn't to crazy about it, so I'm suprised that I love it lol